~ Stories about Natavan ~

In this novel she wrote about the life of Khurshudbanu Natavan, the last khan of Karabakh.


Baku 1963

Edition 10.000


~ My daughter's stories ~

This book  were written for kids.

This book consists of these: Right handMuster, The sun, Rain and ex. stories

 Baku 1964

Edition - 10.000


            ~ A House Without an Owner ~

     Baku  1966

Edition- 10.000



~ Journey to the Golden Coast ~

 In 1965-66 writer Aziza Jafarzade explored some countries( Guinea, Togo, Ghana)  of Western Africa - former "Golden Coast". She had been living in Ghana for 6 months. During her stay she explored her cities and villages, met different people. In this book she tired to introduce to her readers life in Ghana.

Baku 1968

Edition - 7.000

~ Give me your hands... ~

 This novel was written in 60's. Author shows that  personal problems of  a human being, its place in society and attitudes to others have big importance.

 Baku 1970

Edition - 15.000



~ I Have My Word All Over the World ~

 Her first historical novel is about Seyyid Azim Shirvani, famous poet who lived and created in Shamakhi in 19th century.


I -- Baku 1972

Edition- 20.000

II -- Baku  1978

Edition- 20.000




~ Return to the Motherland ~

This book describes the life of poet Nishat Shirvani when Russian troops came to Azerbaijan for the first time in the 18th century. It tells about events that took place in the Salyan district.
 Baku 1977

Edition- 40.000


~ Remember Me ~

 A novel about the life and creative activity of romantic poet Abbas Sahhat at the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th centuries.  

Baku 1980

Edition- 30.000


~ Baku - 1501 ~

   A novel dedicated to Shah Ismayil Khatayi and his march on Baku.

 Baku 1981

 Tirajı- 40.000 


~ My mother's tales ~

This book  was  written for kids.

 Baku 1982

 Edition- 50.000


~ Jalaliyya ~

 The history of Jalaliyya, 12th century woman ruler of Nakhchivan, who defended her country.


 Baku  1983

Edition- 40.000


~ You are my Hope ~

This  story have been taken from the modern life.       

Baku 1985 



~ My flowers ~

This book  was written for children.


 Baku  1988



             ~ Sabir ~

 This book was dedicated to the famous satiric poet Mirza Alakbar Sabir who lived and created at the end of 19th, the beginning of 20th centuries.             

 Bakı 1989